Animal rights advocates appeal the new imputations by judge Vázquez Taín

The lawyers of the campaign “United Against Represion” have presented an appeal against the new imputations in the open case of the liberations of minks in Galicia. In the new citations, 13 new people have been charged, a decision that have not been backed with arguments by the judge or the prosecutor. For this reason, an appeal has been presented.

It is particularly outrageous that Sharon Nuñez’s (also charged and founder of Animal Equality) mother is one of the newly charged; she is 60 years old and has no relationship with the animal rights movement. It is also remarkable that 2 ex-furriers have been also charged, one of whom had given an interview to  Animal Equality  uncovering the awful suffering of the animals used by the fur industry.

In the same course of irregularities that had occurred in this case, we are presented again with a completely anomalous action by judge Vázquez Taín. The Prosecutor, wanting to interrogate more people about the case, has presented a document where he summons 13 new charged persons. It is remarkable that he has not accompanied the accusation with any arguments for the imputation and, even, the same names appear associated to different farms in the same day.  The lawyers of the campaign United Against Repression have presented an appeal against this way of dealing with the case, because it is clearly irregular and it causes defencelessness to the charged persons.

We are dealing with a case full of irregularities. Three activists spent 19 days in remand; until the Provincial Court deemed the appeal presented by the activists’ lawyers and freed them on July the 13th, indicating on the decree that “none of the goals that justify the remand constitutionally or legally are met”. Furthermore, the judge Vázquez Taín showed his partiality when he declared to Europapress “this is not ecology, they create terror, and some of the farms have been forced to close down due to these actions”. These declarations by the judge examining the case are unacceptable and a clear sign of his partiality.

The campaign lawyers have taken up to the Constitutional Court  the disqualification of the judge Vázquez Taín

The activists have always declared we have nothing to do with the mink liberations.

On June, 11, 2011, members of the security forces got in the houses of 12 activists throughout the Spanish territory (Madrid, Asturias, Euskadi and Galicia). This was an action with no precedents where 12 activists were charged; most of them hold responsibility positions in 2 of the most respected animal rights organizations in Spain: Animal Equality and Equanimal.

The activists face possible prison sentences for our peaceful advocacy of animal rights and for putting on the rack, with our investigations, the economic interest of great lobbies, such as the fur lobby.

From the campaign United Against Repression, launched by the arrested activists, we will keep on working to stop this criminalization of the animal rights movement and, of course, we will not stop until all charged activists are acquitted.

Javier Moreno- Head of press of the Campaign United Against Repression